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4 Your Health: Doctors paid to push cancer drugs

NBC News
A doctor who receives payments from a drug company is more likely to prescribe their drugs.

Doctors may be more likely to prescribe medications when they’ve received money from the drug company.

A new study looked at over 2,700 doctors who prescribe certain cancer drugs. Those who had gotten payments for a drug within the past three years were more likely to prescribe that drug over alternative medications.

Millions now abusing opioids

A new study looks at just how many Americans abuse prescription opioids.

Researchers from Johns Hopkins University looked at data from the national survey of drug use and health. Of the $89 million, adults who use prescription opioids each year about 3.9 million reported misusing them.

People with a history of illegal activity, mental illness, or other types of drug abuse, were the most likely to misuse opioids.

Lasting effects of fractures on seniors

Fractures can have long-lasting effects on the lives of older adults.

That’s according to a new study from Canada. The 10-year study included data from more than 7,500 adults aged 50 or older. It showed hip and spine fractures had an especially hard impact on seniors’ mobility and their ability to care for themselves. Women with spine fractures took about five years to regain a healthy quality of life and those with hip fractures never fully recovered.



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