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4 Your Health: Smoking connection to opioid abuse

A new study reveals a link between the use of tobacco and opioids.

The findings come from an annual survey of outpatient doctor visits in the U.S. It showed tobacco users were more likely to get prescriptions for opioids with muscle relaxers and sedatives, than people who did not use tobacco.

Past research shows taking these drugs at the same time increases the risk for opioid addiction or overdose.

More risk for cancer patients who smoke

Smoking can also worsen the prognosis of patients with bladder cancer.

A new Mayo Clinic study of 200 adults with the disease found smokers did not respond well to chemotherapy treatments. They also had a much higher risk of their cancer coming back than people who had quit or had never smoked.

Protecting pregnant women from the flu

A warning for expectant mothers as flu season ramps up.

New findings from the University Of Florida show severe flu during pregnancy can be dangerous for infants. Researchers tracked over 3,000 pregnant women during the 2009 flu season. Women admitted to the ICU for flu were at a higher risk of delivering early and having low birth weight babies.

Experts say it’s important for pregnant women to get the flu shot and seek immediate treatment if they have any flu symptoms.


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