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4 Your Health: Preemies fare better in private rooms than NICU

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Keeping preemies in private rooms with mom may be better than NICU.

Private hospital rooms may be better than the NICU for pre-term babies.

That’s according to a new dutch study of nearly 5,000 preemies. It found babies cared for in private rooms had a lower risk of developing sepsis than those in open neo-natal units. They were also more likely to be breastfed.

However, single rooms did not appear to benefit preemies’ neurological development.

Teens still favor flavored tobacco products

The use of flavored tobacco products among minors is on the rise after a two year decline.

The latest data comes from a national survey of 78,000 middle and high school students.

It shows flavored tobacco use dropped nearly 12 percent between 2014 and 2016 but then rose by six percent* in 2017.

Experts say flavored E-cigarettes are responsible for much of the increase.

A meaningful life for seniors

Living a meaningful life may be the key to healthy aging.

A new british study found seniors involved in more worthwhile activities were in better physical and mental health as they got older.

They also had stronger personal relationships and were less likely to feel lonely or depressed.



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