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4 Your Health: Therapy dogs help reduce stress

4 Your Health
Therapy dogs can help children bear stressful experiences.

Man’s best friend can help children recover from stress.

That’s according to a new study from Yale University. Researchers monitored a group of pre-teens who were asked to complete a stressful task. They found kids who spent time with a therapy dog, after the task, were in a better mood than those given a soothing object, or nothing at all.

Children who interacted with dogs also had less anxiety.

Being optimistic about anxiety

Another new study finds optimism may ease anxiety in adults especially when money is tight.

Researchers at Northwestern University conducted an experiment asking a group of people to put a positive spin on an upsetting movie. Experts said this change in attitude reduced anxiety

Reducing stress holistically

If looking on the bright side doesn’t help there may be some holistic approaches to reducing stress.

Author Dr. Bradley Nelson said the first step is to recognize why you feel anxious. If someone has hurt you, he suggests trying to forgive them so you can feel more calm and at peace. Dr. Nelson also adds, try not to let anger or other negative emotions rule your decisions.


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