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4 Your Health: Lifespan gets shorter for Americans

Americans are not living quite as long as they used to.

A new government report reveals the average life expectancy dropped to 78.6 years in 2017, down slightly from 2016. The overall mortality rate rose by nearly a half a percent.

Although the leading causes of death did not change there were some troubling statistics. Deaths from drug overdoses topped 70,000 and the suicide rate increased by almost 4 percent.

Sauna cuts heart attack risk

Regular sauna use may lower the risk of death from cardiovascular disease among older adults.

That’s according to new research conducted in finland where most homes have a sauna. Seniors who took a sauna at least four times a week were much less likely to have a fatal heart attack or stroke than those who took just one a week.

Sauna use is known to lower blood pressure and increase heart rate.

Parents will help kids pay debt

A new report reveals most parents would help their child pay for health care related debt.

The survey from shows 68 percent of parents would have no objection to helping with medical bills, while only 2 percent would never help. On the other hand, very few parents were willing to bail their child out of gambling or credit card debt.

The average parent said they would give their child $5,700 dollars to help pay debt without getting reimbursed.


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