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4 Your Health: Gun related deaths on the rise again

In the wake of Wednesday’s mass shooting in California a new study finds gun-related deaths are on the rise.

4 Your Health
Guns deaths are back to levels from a decade ago.

The latest government data shows firearm homicides increased significantly between 2012 and 2016 after a long decline. In fact, gun homicide rates have now risen back to those seen a decade ago.

Researchers say firearm suicides have also continued to increase among people of all ages.

Stress has a bigger impact on obese children

Children who are obese may have more difficulty in school and coping under stress.

That’s according to a Brown University survey of nearly 23,000 parents.

It showed obese children were less likely to complete tasks, care about learning, or stay calm when faced with a challenge, than their normal-weight peers.

Join a choir, be happier

Researchers are singing the praises of community choirs for older adults

A new study from the University Of California San Francisco found seniors who joined a choir felt less lonely and more interested in life after just six months. While there was no change in their memory or physical health experts said choirs could improve senior’s overall quality of life.



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