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4 Your Health: Ads enticing teens to vape

Many teens are being exposed to E-cigarette advertising on twitter.

4 Your Health
Twitter ads are encouraging teens to vape

A new study found at least a quarter of people who follow the “Juul” company on twitter, are underage. Many minors are also retweeting Juul’s messages exposing even more teens to the ads.

Experts are concerned because adolescents exposed to E-cigarette marketing are more likely to use the devices.

People not protecting their hearing

Most people who attend loud concerts or sporting events don’t protect their hearing.

A new government survey found only 1 in 12 adults regularly use earplugs or noise cancelling earphones while in noisy settings.

Researchers say sound intensity at these events can cause permanent hearing loss as well as other health problems.

Mindfulness reduces stress

Mindfulness could help reduce stress in women struggling with infertility.

Scientists in Brazil tracked a group of women enrolled in an 8 week mindfulness program that included meditation, relaxation, and guided imagery.

After completing the program, the women said they felt significantly fewer symptoms of stress and depression.


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