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Monsoon 2018 goes out with a major bang

TUCSON –  After 11 consecutive days of triple digit heat, Mother Nature and the monsoon delivered one final punch to SE Arizona on Wednesday – and what a blow it was. Most of the day was overcast, cool and extremely wet.

Check out some of the rainfall totals seen across the area.

Today's sogfest: where it counts, TUS with 0.68" of rain. Here's the rest of the rainfall amounts. And some areas in the blue shaded region received nearly 4.00" of rain!

Posted by Matt Brode on Wednesday, September 19, 2018

With the 0.68″ of rain picked up at Tucson International Airport – where records are kept – 6.93″ of monsoon rain has fallen since the season began on June 15th. This puts the city above average for the entire monsoon which ends on the 30th day of this month.

Parts of Pima County received close to 4.00″ of rain in the past 12 hours!

According to chief Meteorologist Matt Brode, Rain will continue to taper off from west to east overnight and warmer, and drier,  weather will return to the area by the weekend.

Fall arrives on Saturday and temperatures will rebound to the mid-to-upper 90s under sunny skies. This could, however, mark the ending of triple digit heat for the remainder of the year.

Zach Garcia

Zach Garcia

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