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N4T Investigators: Her debit card was cloned

“It was very disturbing for me, it really was. It was scary.”  That was what Denise Omdahl told the News 4 Tucson Investigators about thieves going on a spending spree after stealing her debit card numbers.

N4T Investigators: Sweepstakes scheme

Publishers Clearing House says it has given away almost $300 million since 1967. The direct marketing company’s name is being used by scammers who are claiming to be with PCH.

N4T Investigators: Tucson Tax?

Tucson Unified School District’s desegregation fund is running out of money and it’s unclear how it’s going to be replaced.

N4T Investigators: Skimmer scam

Someone walked into two  Home Depot stores recently and bought $3100 worth of gift cards, using other people’s debit card numbers. 

N4T Investigators: Underage Outrage

Jerry Peyton with the anti-human-trafficking non-profit, Sold No More tells the N4T Investigators, while it’s difficult to say exactly how many children are being trafficked in Pima County, one thing is clear.

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