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4 Surprising Facts About Hearing Loss

A certain amount of hearing loss is expected over a lifetime. After all, we are constantly exposed to noises varying from soft to extremely loud, and our ears age just like any other part of our body. But hearing loss as it’s depicted in comics and TV sitcoms –where an elderly character can’t hear the punchline someone is literally shouting in their ear – is not inevitable.

4 Smart Reasons You Should Consider a Hearing Device

There are a few things we all can expect as we age: Wrinkles will develop, memories will fade and our hearing will worsen. Just because aging comes with these side effects doesn’t mean we have to take them lying down. Cosmetic surgery can help erase age lines, brain teasers can help you “flex” those mental muscles and hearing aids can improve your day-to-day life.

Heroes of Hearing, Hearing Center of Tucson

To be the HERO in providing bettering hearing to the world. Connecting people again to family and friends through better hearing. As a locally owned hearing center, we can provide the latest in hearing products to meet your everyday needs.

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