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4 Benefits to Running for Fitness and Overall Health

Running is an activity enjoyed by millions of people for a variety of reasons: testing our limits, enjoying time with friends, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. For most people, the health benefits of running keep them going mile after mile. Here are some specifics and reasons you should consider adding running to your routine.

How to Tell You Need New Running Shoes

Running and walking are great activities for many reasons, chiefly because they require little equipment. You don’t need a court, a specific uniform, or much equipment to participate. You do need to be sure you are keeping up with your shoe wear, however, and replacing your running and walking shoes periodically. Worn out shoes can lead to discomfort and injury as the shock absorbency and protection breaks down over time.

Hit the Trails!

Looking to change up your fitness routine this year? Get off the roads and get on the trails!

Should I Buy a Fitness Tracker?

Technology has made its way into our most personal of spaces—homes, cars and even our bodies. It used to be that a digital wristwatch with a lap counter was the most high-tech fitness gadget on the market. Today, however, the marketplace is flooded with fitness trackers and apps, and it’s hard to know where to begin or even if they are necessary.

5 Training Tips for a 5K Run

If you’re looking to get fit, challenge yourself a little more or even participate in a good cause, how about running a 5K? This 3.1-mile race is challenging enough to boost your fitness, but easier to tackle than longer distance events.

Footwear Isn’t the Only Thing Can Make a Difference in Your Workout

Ladies, whether you are walking, running or heading to the gym to work out, you probably think the most important thing you need is a good pair of workout shoes. Think again. Shoes are a key piece of equipment, but a properly-fitted, supportive sports bra is also vital to comfort and performance.

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