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Shadow Mountain coach Mike Bibby won’t be charged after sex assault investigation

PHOENIX(KPNX) — The Phoenix Police Department is not recommending charges for Shadow Mountain basketball coach and former NBA player Mike Bibby after a colleague accused him of sexual assault.

Police launched an investigation into Bibby in February after a Shadow Mountain teacher said he groped and rubbed his genitals on her in 2017.

“The investigation did not reveal probable cause to recommend charges against anyone in this case,” Sgt. Vince Lewis with the Phoenix Police Department told 12 News Thursday.

Police took on the case the Monday after Bibby led the Phoenix high school boys’ varsity basketball team to a state championship victory on Saturday, Feb. 23.

A lawyer representing the victim said the school was first notified of the alleged assault shortly after it happened but didn’t do anything about it.

Paradise Valley Unified School District, however, says administrators “unequivocally had no knowledge and were not informed” of the alleged assault until Feb. 25, when police delivered a copy of the injunction against harassment.

Though, the school did say that administrators received a third-party tip and began to look into it earlier that month.

“I have a deep seeded concern that school officials and school district officials may have looked the other way knowing that they had this kind of problem on their hands,” the woman’s attorney Tom Ryan told 12 News in February.

According to the injunction against harassment, the teacher says Bibby motioned her over to his car, jumped out of the driver’s seat, picked her up and laid her down on the seat. She said she smelled alcohol on his breath as he said sexually explicit things to her.

The woman had also documented several times she felt stalked by Bibby through uninvited visits to her classroom for more than a year after the assault. Each of those visits was detailed in the court documents.

The woman also included an October 2018 encounter in the report that she said ended with Bibby asking her to tell the school’s then-athletic director Mike Warren that she wouldn’t speak out about what happened in 2017.

Editor’s Note: NBC’s Alejandra Armstrong contributed to this article.



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