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N4T Investigators: Arizona seniors hit hard by internet fraud

he is too embarrassed to be identified because she lost $100,000  in a government grant scam.  Someone hacked into her Facebook messenger account, posing as a friend,  and telling her she was awarded a grant. The 71-year old widow from Cochise County wired the money to scammers, believing it was for taxes on the grant.

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N4T Investigators: Troubling Transport

News 4 Tucson is committed to keeping your kids safe at home and on the road. It’s one reason why reports of improper use of car seats by employees with the Arizona Department of Child Safety are so troubling.

N4T Investigators: Past due

The group that runs the El Tour de Tucson bike race is way behind on a bill from Pima County. Perimeter Bicycling Association owes the county $205,000. That’s taxpayers money


N4T Investigators: Vaccine Fail?

Immunizations are supposed to keep our children safe, but an alarming number of children in the United States are not getting all, or even some of their recommended vaccines

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PHOTOS: Winter storm in Arizona

PHOTOS: Winter storm in Arizona

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